Depar has continuously improved the production continuing since 1981 when it was established and it has always been the pioneer in their sector by adopting a balanced development as their scope in order to supply services to both local and foreign markets.


Every step of the production process; Meeting customer requirements by meeting the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Standards, ensuring customer satisfaction at the highest level,
Following and applying technological developments to produce quality products that will respond to customer needs and expectations,
Developing new products that meet current and future customer expectations,
It is to ensure that Kaliten is a shared responsibility among employees, in compliance with legal and customer requirements, and to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
Quality is the safety of our company's future.
The world and in Turkey; is an innovative and always growing company known for meeting customer expectations at the highest level with its wide product range.

In all the sectors we are related to; to meet at the highest level the expectations of customers, employees and shareholders, as individuals, collective and respectful, economic and moral principles, sensitive to health, safety and environment

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Fire Fighter7

Where people, especially in bulk, theater, hotel, saloons… DEPAR places such as the principle of security is a top priority and our R & D department has developed special “Fire Fighter 7” flame retardant formulations thus our goods are able to meet all international standards demanded on this field. Please contact with us for more information about our Crib5/7 and M1/M2 classified artificial leather products.

Phthalate Free

Sometimes, clothing, upholstery and sometimes shoes, bags, or books the production of artificial leather in contact with the skin of the human… DEPAR doesn’t use phthalate since 2010.

Reach Compliance

Raw materials containing azo dyes and heavy metals are not used in production.

Recycling ‏

Our recycling unit and fume filtration is in the world standards because of our sensitivity against the clean environment.

ISO 9001

Siz değerli müşterilerimizin memnuniyetini sağlamak ve her geçen gün müşteri memnuniyetini arttırmak için 1998 yılında başlamış olduğumuz kalite yönetim sistemi çalışmalarını ilk olarak 1999 yılında TSE tarafından belgeledik. Sistemimiz halen siz değerli müşterilerimizin memnuniyetini arttırmak üzerine kurulu ve her geçen gün gelişerek devam etmektedir.

About Us

Depar Deri ve Plastik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. produces P.U.(Polyurethane), P.V.C.(vinyl), semi P.U., coagulated and flock products for Shoes, Slippers, Bags, Suitcases, Garments, Marine, Outdoor, Contract, Upholstery Applications, Accessories and similar industries.
It has continuously improved the production continuing since 1981 when it was established and it has always been the pioneer in their sector by adopting a balanced development as their scope in order to supply services to both local and foreign markets.

Our Factory R & D

Our Factory

Our factory, which was established at a location 20 km far from the Central Business District of Istanbul in 1981, has progressively updated itself through its production since that date. The company has at all times been a locomotive in its sector, targeting primarily a well-balanced improvement in order to be able to give service to local and foreign markets.
Our company, where high-tech is dominant and who permanently improves its technology, feels the pride to introduce for the first time to the Turkish market the coagulated artificial leather, which is the closest and the most realistic equivalent of genuine leather, and to operate in full compliance with ISO 9001:2008 Standard.
Our R&D department is our milestone that continually develops new technologies and products and that respond to the up to date challenges of our day.

About Us R & D

R & D

Depar always consider the diversity of demands and the ever-evolving technology our fully equipped R & D laboratories once again proved our professionalism. Our company, as the products manufactured in a laboratory domain is followed by continuous physical and chemical properties. Designs of new products are made entirely in digital domain and present to our customers.

About Us Our Factory
Fiera Cover

FIERA® is one of our most claimful brandname which we are producing polyurethane based materials for shoes, bags and accessories.

As a first introducer of coagulation technology to our country we are always talking fast changing fashion. FIERA® brought artificial leather out of the being alternative choice of the genuine and made became a source of well-known brands around the world.

Atlas Cover

We are very proud of to be first introducer to our country with coagulation technology. Therefore we are leading in Turkish Promotional coverig materials market since many years without competition and one of the best known coagulated fabrics producer.

As a Thermoactive Coagulation specialist our company keeps continuously producing agenda and book binding materials in respect of our customers demanding, thermoactive frequency, stable colors and silky touch. More than 20 years our sub brand name ATLAS ® is leading this sector with hundreds of color and designs by always being first choice.

Thermo active ATLAS® materials are using for agenda, bookbinding and covering of office objects in additional label for textiles.

D'Lux Cover

Depar’s® youngest brandname is D’lux® includes flocked fabrics.

Since 2000 we are producing various kind of flocked fabrics, flocked artificial leather, flocked pvc for frequency and flock on flock applications which are silky soft and durable approved by our valuable customers.
Our flocked fabrics are one favorite covering material for seating groups in additional for curtains even with blackout qualities.

Moreover our silk suede and alcantara garments material already became very famous in flocking market.

Lea Cover

If you need artificial leather upholstery in minimum quantity and in minimum delivery time, LEA® presents “Stock Partner Programme”...Hundreds of design and colors are ready for shipping from 1 mt to 500 mts all the time.

LEA® concept is ideal for the boutique type customers and also who doesn’t want to get stocklet risks. Each 2 year the creation will be update, please do not hesitate to contact with our sales team for having a LEA® catalogue.

In accordance of courier company conditions we are delivering materials in 1 or 2 days to your address…this is the beginning of what we can do to maximize customer satisfaction.

Pro Cover

If you are looking for special artificial leather upholstery for special locations PRO ® (contract vinyl fabrics) will satisfy your needing.

The covering materials must be very special and have high tech features in the locations where the multiple people gather. In the meaning of this we produced such contract vinyl fabrics very high technical and moreover respectable to human health. We are very proud of to be one of the most important source for automotive and Yacht interior covering materials.

PRO® contract vinyl fabrics are durable, Phthalate Free and Fire Retardant in accordance of English Crib5/7 or French M1/M2.

Confex Cover

Under the CONFEX brandname we offer to our valuable customers, endless colors and designs, as well as polyurethane coating and coagulated artificial leather garments in real leather-look CONFEX is one of the most compelling brand in garment an apparel industry.

Professional work clothing and fashion industry made us very proud with their interesting to our goods for years… with feelings of responsibility to human health we do not use Phthalate, Azo dyers or Heavy metallically raw materials.

Confex is not an alternative to real leather in the fashion world, has become a priority. The garment store’s windows with our products is the best example of this.


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